Separator is used to separate solid and liquid fractions from digested biomass. Separator is filled by pump from collection tank. Loading chamber equipped with oscillation device that performs initial separation by means of vibration, which increases efficiency of separation of considerably solid substrates. Screw press blades are moving separated substrate to the separator exit. Design structure of sieve allows prevention of substrate corks. Pressure at first part of the sieve is not significant, but it gradually increases with concentration of solids and substrate movement to the exit of the separator. Substrate friction in cylindrical nozzle and exit double regulation valve make resistance at the exit of solid fraction thus compacting substrate. The rate of compaction is adjusted by number of counterbalances.

Dry matter content in separated biomass is from 25% to 30%, this value can be adjusted. Screw separators can be equipped with electric drives with reduction gear from 4,0 kW to 11 kW. Thanks to level switches completely automatic mode of separator operation is possible. Separator has integrated cleaning system and does not require water for system washing. At the moment substrate is not supplied separator switches off automatically.