Biogas agitators are used to thoroughly mix renewable raw materials, liquid manure and other substrates that are used for biogas production in biogas digesters, secondary fermenters and final storage tanks. For biogas plant smooth operation, it is essential to ensure efficient circulation inside the fermenter. Agitators for biogas plants facilities are designed specifically for agitation work in the fermenter. Optimum fermentation is achieved through mixing that is not detrimental to bacteria which performed by means of special propeller. Settled matter and floating scum layers are avoided and the gases are removed by agitation. Agitators are produced and sealed in a modular basis. . Individual agitator components - such as propeller, bearings, tube, hitch frame, drive shaft, seals are flexible. This allows also building customized solutions for certain projects. All the equipment parts maintenance friendly. Depending on technological solution and type of substrate mixing equipment can be supplied in two variants. Mixers that are mounted outside the digester wall (external mixer), and submersible mixers. Both types of mixing systems ensure effective substrate mixing, reliable in operation and have long-term operational period.