Biogas plants


Biogas installations of HUO LONG BIOGAS Ltd. Are the complexes for processing of any organic wastes from livestock farming, food industry and renewable energy sources into gas, electric power, heat power, and organic fertilizer. A base of biogas plant is anaerobic digestion of organic substrates, or as it is also called anaerobic fermentation (without oxygen). In the process of bacteria vital functions in digesters (fermenters) biogas is a final product. Biogas is a gas consisting of 60-70% methane (CH4), 30-35% carbon dioxide (CO2), small quantity of hydrogen sulphide (H2S), nitrogen (N2) and hydrogen (H2). Biogas is universal fuel that can be used in boilers or as fuel in co-generators for production of electric and heat power. Besides energy production biogas plant is indispensable waste treatment and processing system. Using latest achievements of biogas industry, HUO LONG BIOGAS Ltd., offers its clients possibility to considerably increase business profitability, become energy independent company with absolutely ecologically positive image.