Biogas in China


China is the single country in the world that uses biogas from ancient times. Information about first biogas installations in China refers back to yearly 16th century BC. In the end of 19th century AC lots of small biogas plants worked in coastal regions of China. One of the first biogas companies of the worlds was Chines company Santou Guorui Biogas Lamp Company established by Mr. Luo Guorui in 1920г. In 1935 company issued first monograph about biogas, which was the first investigation and study of biogas and construction of biogas plants in the world.

In 70s-80s Chines government defined biogas as most effective and rational type of fuel for rural regions and provided support of farmers in that respect. Government support gave a strong impact to growth of biogas industry in China. Beginning form 70s about 80% of bus fleet in rural areas and about 60% of national bus fleet used biogas as fuel. Some biogas technologies, production of dual fueled and biogas engines was under state secret till the end of 80s. By 1999 about 7 million small biogas plants were operated in China, that made country the center of biogas industry and training. Even today Chines dome type biogas plant is the worldwide standard. According to government program for development of rural and industrial biogas plants in China, it is planed 15% annual increase in number of installation. By the end of year 2011 number of home and industrial biogas plants reached 20 million units. Today Chines biogas companies work in many countries of the world, where the implement big scale and complicated industrial projects. Technology and experience that perfected for centuries now available for customers worldwide.