Huo Long Biogas Ltd

Huo Long Biogas Ltd is a Hong Kong company specialized in full range of services for design, construction, equipment supply, and commissioning of biogas plants from small scale installations to industrial energy parks.

Our technology is based on centuries-old experience of China in construction and operation of biogas plants and most modern and reliable equipment suppliers from China. Today the fact that China is the founder and leader in biogas industry of Asia and other regions is little known. Thousands of small scale biogas plants and industrial installations successfully work in China and other countries for decades. Today’s China is super technological country, world’s leader in economy and industrial growth rates. Equipment produced in China reached qualitative level of European producers and is certified under EU and other European countries standards. At the same time due to successful technology transfer practice and production facilities management, Chines producers are able to produce and supply equipment of high quality and absolutely acceptable price.

Having successful experience of projects implementation in Asia, Huo Long Biogas Ltd. took a decision to enter European and other markets of biogas industry. Biogas technologies and technological solutions of our company are proven and reliable. Budgets of our biogas plants are acceptable for many companies that could not afford such projects before, due to high prices for equipment and services provided by other suppliers.